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Learning from Multi-Label Data


Traditional classification is concerned with learning from a set of instances that are associated with a single label from a set of disjoint labels L, |L| > 1. In multi-label learning, instances are associated with a subset of L. Learning from multi-label data has recently received increased attention by researchers working on machine learning and data mining for two main reasons. The first one is the ubiquitous presence of multi-label data in application domains ranging from multimedia information retrieval to tag recommendation, query categorization, gene function prediction, medical diagnosis, drug discovery and marketing. The other reason is a number of challenging research problems involved in multi-label learning, such as dealing with label rarity, scaling to large number of labels and exploiting label relationships (e.g. hierarchies), with the most prominent one being the explicit modelling of label dependencies.

Our contribution

We have developed a number of ensemble methods that focus on (a) random subsets of the target variables, (b) random subsets of the target variables, input variables and training examples, (c) nodes of an artificial hierarchy that we construct through constrained clustering of the target variables, and (d) different clusters constructed at a pre-processing clustering step of the training examples. Our HOMER algorithm is considered as state-of-the-art according to a recent large-scale empirical study on multi-label learning algorithms. We have also studied the pruning of models at the second level of a Stacking process in order to reduce computational complexity. Furthermore, we have studied instance-based learning approaches, how to transform a vector of label scores to bipartitions and how to sample multi-label data in an effective way. We have done an extensive review of this area, which is among the most downloaded chapters from Springer's 2nd edition of the Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery Handbook. Finally, we have developed and are constantly enriching an open source Java library for multi-label learning, called Mulan.


See the datasets page of Mulan.


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