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Transfer Learning for RL Domains


Transfer learning refers to the process of conveying experience from a simple task to another more complex (and related) task in order to reduce the amount of time that is required to learn the latter task. Typically, in a transfer learning procedure the agent learns a behavior in a source task, and it uses the gained knowledge in order to speed up the learning process in a target task. Reinforcement Learning algorithms are time expensive when they learn from scratch, especially in complex domains, and transfer learning comprises a suitable solution to speed up the training process.

Source Code

Here you can find our transfer learning algorithm for the Mountain Car Domain.

The software is distributed under the GNU GPL licence. It requires RL-Glue 3.0 and tile coding. Please contact Ioannis Partalas for bug reports, comments, suggestions or request for help with the source code.

Source code developers: Ioannis Partalas.


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