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  Author(s): N. Bassiliades, P. Fodor, A. Giurca, G. Gottlob, T. Kliegr, G. Nalepa, M. Palmirani, A. Paschke, M. Proctor, D. Roman, F. Sadri, N. Stojanovic.

Title: “Joint Proceedings of the 9th International Rule Challenge, the Special Track on Rule-based Recommender Systems for the Web of Data, RuleML2015 Industry Track and the 5th RuleML Doctoral Consortium”.


Keywords: rules, RuleML, Rule Modeling, Rule Authoring, Rule Engines, Rule Applications, Rule-based Recommender Systems, rule industry.

Appeared in: CEUR Workshop Proceedings, ISSN 1613-0073,, 1417, Berlin, Germany, August 2-5, 2015, 2015.

Abstract: The 9th International Web Rule Challenge at the 9th International Web Rule Symposium (RuleML 2015) in Berlin is a forum where new ways of using rule-based systems are presented and practical experiences about implementing these systems are reported. The 9th edition features a broad set of rule-based applications: toolkits for querying existential rule knowledge bases, UIs for rule modelling and rule editors, rule translators, agent-based systems as well as the RuleML 1.02 family of rule markup languages. As in the past four editions, the RuleML Symposium hosts the 5th Doctoral Consortium attracting Ph.D. researchers in the area of Web Rules from different backgrounds and encouraging an interdisciplinary research approach. This year there are five PhD papers introducing research into data specification and extraction, software bridges between Prolog and general Java development, rule induction techniques and integration between business processes and business rules. The doctoral students benefit from the dynamic and friendly setting at RuleML, as well as from fruitful interactions with their dedicated academic mentors and the attending researchers and industrial experts in the field, who can evaluate their research projects from both theoretical and practical perspectives. Following the previous successful RuleML2014 track on “Learning business Rules from Data”, this year the RuleML Challenge features “Rule-based recommender systems for the web of data” Challenge (RecSysRules’15). The aim of the challenge was to evaluate performance of rule learning algorithms applied on recommender problems and to track progress in the use of linked open data cloud for feature set extension in machine learning. There were three participating teams in the RecSysRules challenge and 37 submitted runs. Short papers describing two of the participating systems are included in the proceedings, along with a paper describing framework that can be used to create datasets for future editions of the challenge. A highlight of this year's event is the Industry Track introducing three papers describing research work in innovative companies, from rule-based applications in financial industry to systems that can generate large quantity of natural language text in different languages, as well as management applications for agricultural policies data. The work submitted by Jean-François Baget, Alain Gutierrez, Michel Leclère, Marie-Laure Mugnier, Swan Rocher and Clément Sipieter entitled “ Datalog+, RuleML and OWL 2: Formats and Translations for Existential Rules” has been awarded with the RuleML2015 Challenge Best Paper Award. The KTIML team submission to the RecSysRules’15 challenge entitled "Transformation and aggregation preprocessing for top-k recommendation GAP rules induction" has been awarded prize for the best recommender performance. Thanks to all authors, students, supervisors, referees, co-chairs, members of the program committee and the organizing team that made the RuleML2015 Symposium, 9th International Web Rule Challenge, and 5th Doctoral Consortium great successes.

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